Our Strategy

We provide top incontinent products to our clients on time and at a very competitive price. We provide to you our personal attention, just as your staff cares for your residents' needs. Personalized service means saying Yes! to your needs, and making sure they are achieved. Engoloids Medical is always there for you as your partner, to make a difference in meeting the challenges of running your business smoothly and efficiently.

Our Values (3Cs+T)

  • Creativity—we work with various (huge and small) incontinent product distributors and manufacturers here in the US, enabling us to cater to almost all our customers’ needs. We provide creative solutions to your problems, be it in pricing, shipping or almost that affects your daily business operations.
  • Communication—just like in a marriage, communication is key to keeping that marriage strong. We use this same philosophy when dealing with our customers. Our Support team works from 9 am to 9 pm (US PST) the entire week, making sure your needs are taken care of on time, thus ensuring business continuity. We provide various innovative tools to facilitate this communication ranging from the regular phone and emails to Live Online Support. Our team is very responsive—we guarantee 24-hour turnaround to all your inquiries!
  • Customer—just like in any other businesses, customers are our life! We help our clients, in every way, to thrive in what they are doing especially now in this economic situation. We provide flexible payment plans to cater to our customers’ needs ranging from COD, credit card, Net 15, up to Net 60 depending on the customers credit, and our pre-payment plan which adds more value to your hard-earned money.
  • Trustworthiness—your trust is very important to us, and we want to keep it that way. If we say or promise something, we make sure it happens! We stand behind the quality of our products and we always guarantee our prices are one of, if not, the lowest in the business. We offer price matching and other benefits such as money-back guarantee and free, same-day shipping to selected customers. We only get our products from reputable distributors and manufacturers here in the US, to ensure the products you get are of high quality.

Our Mission

Ensure business continuity thru on-time delivery of incontinent products. We work with our clients to help them ensure their business grows and runs smoothly and efficiently.

Our Competencies

  • Highly competitive pricing for incontinent products. Our prices are at least 15% cheaper than most large distributors/resellers.
  • High quality products. We only get our products from highly reputable distributors and manufacturers here in the US. We stand behind the quality of these products, and as such, we provide money-back guarantee for products that fail to perform to their specifications.
  • Reliable and dependable shipment. We only use reputable shipping companies like UPS and FEDEX to ensure you receive your supplies in order and on time. We even provide free, same-day delivery for selected customers.
  • Highly responsive team. Our Support team works from 9 am to 9 pm US PST, every day to ensure all our customers’ issues are taken care of on time. We provide various tools to facilitate this communication, ranging from the regular phone and email to our Live Online Support line.
  • Business process re-engineering. Our clients’ success is also our success, as such we help our customers in every way succeed in their businesses by helping them streamline their business processes.
  • Flexible ordering methods. To cater to our clients’ ever-changing needs, we provide various ways for them to order from us, including online ordering from Engoloids Medical’s website, by fax, via email or even drop-off or pick-up.
  • Flexible payment options. Depending on the customer’s credit, we provide various ways for payments, including COD, credit card, Net 15 up to Net 60, and pre-payment.

Company History

ENGOLOIDS.COM was founded back in August, 2007 as a small summer project by the owner, Nathaniel Rufin, who then was just trying to get some experience doing online business. The company started small, with a few suppliers basically doing drop-shipping for the company for basic, non-perishable consumer products. The owner had a full-time job during that time and thus was not able to dedicate much of his time on this business. He basically took care of orders and answered customers’ questions at night, and maintained the website and inventory during weekends. But even with minimal time for his business, the owner was able to grow monthly revenue by 100% (average) and increased traffic to the company’s website by 200% per month using tools from Google and Yahoo. The number of suppliers grew to more than 200 in one year!

Then, early 2009, the owner saw great market opportunity selling incontinent products online in the US. With a huge number of businesses under this market, the potential was too good to pass. ENGOLOIDS Medical was then created! Partnerships were formed with major incontinent product manufacturers and distributors like McKesson and Independence. The same philosophy was applied to this new division of ENGOLOIDS.COM, thus prices remain very competitive compared to other large resellers, and customer support is still our top priority.

Our client base is growing fast which now includes care homes all over the US. If your line of business is any one of these, please contact us to start saving and experience our wonderful customer support. We say Yes! to your needs.

Our contact information

By email:
Business email address (sales@engoloids.com)

By standard mail:
San Jose, CA

By phone:
408 300-1085 (between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. US Pacific zone)

Shipping Information:
Engoloids.com ships primarily using UPS, FedEx, USPS and some other couriers. UPS insures their shipments and has continued to offer very competitive rates.

Orders are shipped 2-3 business days via Ground. Please note that we do not ship to PO boxes. Also, we have warehouses all over the US--your order is by default shipped from the closest warehouse to your area. In the event, the item you ordered is out of stock from your default warehouse, it will be pulled from the next closest warehouse--this may add 1-2 additional days to the arrival date.

Claiming Damages and Returns:
Engoloids.com takes great pride in the quality of the products we offer. To ensure quality is what you receive, great care is taken when packaging your merchandise. Unfortunately there is no way to guarantee that every item will be delivered in perfect condition. If you received a damaged item, please immediately email us. Please do not send back the order without an RMA number from us; otherwise, your return will be rejected.